The Azalea floriculture Stijn De Clercq is specialized in cultivating the Azalea Indica (bushes) and is located in the floristcentre "Lochristi" near Ghent. Our aim is to deliver exceptional quality at the best price and an outstanding service together with the logistical advantages of the area.

Most of the plants leave our place in a green stage. This means the plants are ready to begin their blooming period. (the buttons are swollen) You have the choice of:
  • potsize 13 cm crowndiameter 20-22 cm
  • Potsize 15 cm crowndiameter 25-27 cm
We sell to Belgian as well as to foreign Azalea companies.
In 2001 Stijn has taken over the company from his parents Hubert and Maria De clercq-Audenaert. Due to our investment and modernisationpolitics we currently manage an area of 40000 m² greenhouses and 30000 m² outside fields.

In august 2011 we will start to force azaleas, that means that from then we can offer you plants withe coloured buds. Therefore we provided a greenhouse of 2000 m².

For further information please contact us and we will send you a full survey of our offers at this time.

With kind regards,
Stijn De Clercq